Hey there! Are you tired of sending out the same old boring LinkedIn connection messages that seem to get lost in the vast sea of professional networking?

Or are you finding it difficult to come up with a personal message when writing a LinkedIn connection message?

If your answer to this is 'yes, it's me,' then you are not alone.

Well, fear not, my friend, because we are here to help you spice things up with some proven Linkedin Connection Message Templates and increase your chances of making meaningful connections.

We understand networking on LinkedIn can be challenging, especially if you aren't sure how to start connecting with people.

So, in this blog post, we'll discuss tips for writing a great LinkedIn connection message, and guess what? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have a set of 20 proven Linkedin Connection message templates that will transform your old and boring conversations into impactful messages.

Get ready to catch your potential connections' attention and make them want to connect with you. So please sit back, relax, and let's dive into the world of creative connection requests!

How to send a LinkedIn Connection Request?

You can send a LinkedIn connection request by clicking the "Connect" button next to the profile of the person you'd like to connect with.


Or you can also search for the person's profile and click the "Connect" button on their profile page.


LinkedIn will then prompt you to customize a message to include with the request.


Once you've filled out the message, hit "Send" and you're all set!


Sending that connection request with a personalized message marks the beginning of your networking journey.

How do I withdraw a LinkedIn Connection Request message?

Though it seems confusing to withdraw a sent request, it is easy to do so. Let's discuss it in simple steps:

Step 1: Simply click the "My Network" icon at the top of the page.


Step 2: Click the "See All Requests” button in the upper right corner. The Requested section will be displayed on the screen.


If there are no pending requests you will see “Manage” instead of "See All Requests" in the same upper right corner. Click on it.


Step 3: After that, hit the "Sent" button to view all the requests that you have sent.


Step 4: Now hit the "Withdraw" for any you wish to remove.


That wasn't that difficult, right?

With these steps, you will have mastered the art of sending connection requests and withdrawing them as you wish.

But remember that sending connection requests is just the first step in building a successful network on LinkedIn. After your connection request, there is a probable chance that your potential connection will visit your profile.

So, don't forget to optimize your profile for those incoming visitors to ensure you don't miss any opportunities.

If you are wondering how to optimize your profile and make it look good and want to know how you can make your job search,have a look at this blog for more details: Guide: How To Find A Job On LinkedIn With Steps?

Tips to make your LinkedIn connection message stand out.

When writing a LinkedIn connection message, there are some hacks that will increase your chances of getting a positive response.

Here are some tips:

1. Personalize the message:

Instead of sending a generic message, take the time to personalize the message.

Mention how you came across the person's profile and why you want to connect with them. It helps establish a connection and makes your request seem more genuine.

2. Be concise:

Keep your message short and to the point. Don't include a lengthy message or give too much detail. A brief message that gets straight to the point is more likely to be read and responded to.

The maximum character limit for a LinkedIn connection message is 300 characters which includes spaces, letters, numbers, symbols, and emojis.

3. Stay professional:

Remember that LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, so make sure your message is professional in tone and style.

It is better to avoid using informal language or emojis, as this can make your message seem unprofessional.

4. Highlight shared interests or connections:

If you have any mutual interests or connections, mention them in your message.

It can help to establish common ground and make it more likely that the person will accept your request.

5. Include a call to action:

At the end of your message, include a clear call to action. It can be as simple as "I look forward to connecting with you" or "Let's discuss how we can help each other."

By following these best practices, you can create a compelling LinkedIn connection message that is more likely to be accepted.

85% of jobs are filled through networking.

Linkedin Connection Message Templates

The importance of networking is well-established in every space of life. And with the rise of social media and networking sites like LinkedIn, we have easier access to potential customers, employers, and partners. In short, we live in a great age of networking opportunities!

But, with the huge number of members on LinkedIn, it is essential to stand out from the crowd and make your presence felt. And this call for a unique and personalized connection request message.

Using a template for your LinkedIn connection message can help ensure your message is professional and engaging. Here are some templates you can use to get started in different situations:

1. Connecting with someone who shares a mutual connection


Template 1

Hello [Name],

I noticed that we have a mutual connection [Name]. I want to learn from experienced professionals like you and would be honored to have you in my network. I am confident that it will be mutually beneficial for both of us.

I look forward to connecting.


Template 2

Hi [Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I noticed that we share the same connection in [Name of the mutual connection]. I'm interested in connecting with you and learning more about your [work experience/interests].

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

[Your Name]

2. Connecting with a recruiter


Template 3

Hello [Recruiter's Name],

I came across your Linkedin profile and was impressed with your experience in [relevant field/industry]. I would be grateful to connect and learn more about your work and any potential opportunities. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Template 4

Hi [Name],

I'm a [Your Profession] looking for new opportunities in the [Your Industry]. I'm impressed with your professional profile and would love to connect to get some advice. I hope you can help me in making the right career moves.
[Your Name]

3. Connecting with someone from the same Linkedin community


Template 5

Hi [Name],

I noticed that we both belong to the same LinkedIn group and wanted to reach out and see if we could connect. I believe we have common interests, and it would be great to learn more about each other.

Let me know if you're interested in connecting.

[Your Name]

Template 6

Hi [Name]!

I'm part of the same [Linkedin Community] as you. I've read your [posts/articles], and it's clear that you have great insights on [relevant Topic] that I'm passionate about. I'd love to connect and hear your ideas. Let me know if you're up for it!

[Your Name]

4. Connecting on Linkedin with a person you admire


Template 7

Hi [Name],

I'm a huge fan of your work, and I'm grateful for all the knowledge and insight you share.

I'm looking to expand my network and learn from individuals like you who are doing inspiring work in [their field]. I'd love to connect and learn more about your journey.

[Your Name]

Template 8

Hi [Name],

I'm a big admirer of your work, and it would be an honor to connect with you on LinkedIn. Your experience and insights have been an inspiration to me.
I'd love to hear more about what you are working on and learn from you.

Thank you for your time.

[Your Name]

5. Connecting with someone who shares a common interest


Template 9

Hi [Name],

I noticed we have a common interest in [Topic]. I'd love to connect and learn more about your experience in this field. I think we could both benefit from each other's knowledge and perspectives.

Look forward to hearing from you!

[Your Name]

Template 10

Hi [Name],

I recently noticed we share an interest in [Topic]. I'm looking to connect with like-minded people to discuss ideas and collaborate. I think we could both benefit from learning more from each other.

Look forward to hearing from you!

[Your Name]

6. Connecting with someone for an Informational Interview


Template 11

Hi [Name],

I'm a [Your Profession], and I'm reaching out to you because I'm looking to learn more about [Topic]. I was interested in seeing if you'd be willing to chat with me for an informational interview.

I'm sure you're busy, so I appreciate any time you can spare.

[Your Name]

Template 12

Hi [Name],

I'm impressed by your professional success and your impact on your field. I want to learn more about your experience and would love to connect for an informational interview. Would you be open to connecting and potentially sharing some of your insights?

[Your Name]

7. Connecting with someone you've met


Template 13

Hi [Name],

It was great to meet you at [Event Name], and I hope you had a good time. I was impressed by your work and would love to connect and stay in touch. I'm sure we can help each other out by sharing experiences, ideas, and resources.

[Your Name]

Template 14

Hi [Name],

It was great to meet you at [event/location] [time frame]. I'm sure our paths will cross again soon. In the meantime, I'd love to stay in touch and connect on LinkedIn.

I always look up to learning more about [their field], and I'm sure you have great insights to share.

[Your Name]

8. Connection Request Message for a Product or Service


Template 15

Hi [Name],

I'm a big fan of [Product/Service], and I really appreciate the work you've done in creating it. I'm excited to connect with you and learn more about your experience and expertise in this field. Would you be open to connecting on LinkedIn?

[Your Name]

Template 16

Hi [Name],

I noticed you're interested in [business/industry] and thought you might be interested in [product/service] that I offer. It's been helping many businesses like yours achieve [results/goals]. I would like to send you more information so you can decide if it is a good fit for you.

[Your Name]

9. Connection Request Message to an alumnus


Template 17

Hi [Name],

I am [your Name], an alumnus from [School/College/University], and I hope to connect with you. As a fellow alum, I'm interested in learning more about your experience and knowledge in the field of [Industry/Interest]. I would really appreciate your advice.

[Your Name]

Template 18

Dear [Name],

I'm a fellow alumnus of [college/university], and I hope we can connect on LinkedIn. I'm especially interested in hearing more about your career journey since graduating and the advice you have to offer.

[Your Name]

10. Connection Request Message to someone you want to work with


Template 19

Hello [Name],

I admire your work in [field], and I am keen to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.
I believe we could collaborate and create something great together. Would you be interested in connecting and discussing the possibilities?

Best wishes,
[Your Name]

Template 20

Hi [Name],

I'm a [your profession], and I've been following your work for some time now. Your projects are particularly innovative and creative.

I'm looking to collaborate in the near future, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'd be happy to discuss this further.

[Your Name]

Moving Ahead:

To summarize, networking is an essential part of any professional journey. And while making your connection, crafting a unique and personalized connection request message on Linkedin can help you stand out from the crowd.

So, to make your networking journey smooth, use the templates and steps provided in this blog. It will assist you to easily close in on connections and build a successful network on Linkedin.

Furthermore, just sending the connection request is not enough; you also need to take the time to optimize your Linkedin profile. Craft your headline, upload the perfect photo, and update the different profile sections to ensure you don't miss any opportunities.

So, take a deep breath, make your optimizations, and enjoy the ride to happy networking!

This article has been written by Sanjoy Khan Choudhury. He works as a Content Marketing Specialist at Vantage Lens. His areas of interest include music, marketing, cuisine, and anime. When he’s not writing, he’s usually singing to the tune of his guitar or finding some weird way to cook his meal.